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Benjamin Gordon

‘Soulful and openly expressive.. A blissfully creative and sumptuous experience’


‘Blending luscious soul and sleek gospel tones together within a tranquil atmospheric heaven'

Broadway World

North Sea Navigator

Halina Rice

Nate Connely

‘Absolutely sublime’

BBC Introducing

‘Haunting solo album’


‘A haunting return the Bristol artist filters through different songwriting ideas, a nexus of folk, electronics, and more … it’s a meditative work that is unafraid of its own intelligence’


‘Beautiful and brilliant … it’s one of the most haunting and lovely things we have heard in quite a while … contains moments of absolute beauty’

Backseat Mafia

"It's low hanging stars glimmer and blaze in ivory above soft, diffuse ambient lights"

The Autumn Roses

" A breathtakingly emotive record, sees Rice effortlessly drawing on electronic, bass and ambient influences resulting in a truly immersive soundscape. Collectively the twelve tracks juxtapose themes of hope and loss over powerful, repetitive rhythms."

Arc Street Journal 

"It's a curious document, both highly inventive and emotionally engrossing, it's varied moods sweeping across you in waves."


"Renowned for her vivid and eclectic style, coupled with a strong emphasis on sampling, she uses multiple effects to create original and experimental sounds – vocals are warped, stuttered and stretched, synths are distorted, other-worldly sounds are generated from improvised combinations of virtual instruments"

XS Noise

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